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I would like to invite you to a new series of blogs, in which I will present the advantages of the activities included in our offer and how our services can be useful for you. In the first episode, I will present copywriting as a powerful tool for creating your own brand identity. Thus appearing in the minds of customers who will have the opportunity to get to know us better. Perhaps they will finally decide to buy from us.

What is all this copywriting anyway?

I am not convinced to use book definitions. That why I will characterize copywriting as the art of creating a variety of content aimed at eliciting a specific response from the reader. Have you noticed that the phrase art has been made here? That’s right, although at first glance it seems that advertising and art stand in opposition to each other. But it is enough to mention the famous Campbell soup cans here. We can see the close connection of these two areas. So copywriting is texts writing that effectively convince potential recipients to buy a product or order a service.

How long have we been dealing with professional creation of advertising texts?

The phenomenon of copywriting has been with us for a very long time. However, it gained even more importance with the appearance of the printed text. With the advent of the 17th century, when the mass printing process was perfected, larger-format newspapers began to appear. They made it possible to publish more advertisements, often on the entire page. At that time, the services of people who created advertising texts on request gained in value. At the beginning of the 19th century, the great potential of copywriting was noticed. It was then realized that a well-prepared advertisement can effectively encourage customers to make a purchase. Additionally, starting from the 20th century, direct mail began to be used. It involves the use of emotional ties and psychological techniques. This gave an even better end result, i.e. convincing the customer to buy.

Copywriting today

Nowadays, copywriting, of course, from a historical point of view, is not only writing advertising texts for newspapers and leaflets. It is known that today’s world is dominated by digital media, in which e-commerce has developed, i.e. trade conducted on the Internet. The simple conclusion is that in order to sell something in a given environment, it should also be advertised there. Apart from creating strictly advertising content, today copywriters deal with a number of other orders.

As the first example, I can give you writing texts on various types of packaging. Starting with food, through book covers, ending with plain soap, which may result in increased interest on the part of the potential buyer. However, what copywriting is most often associated with today is creating content for websites (SEO). All kinds of content, including both specialized texts on specific issues and the content needed to position the website in search engines. I mean here texts saturated with a key phrase and links internal.

It’s worth mentioning a very important thing about SEO here. Text that has been specially prepared in an individual and unique way can significantly increase the value of the product. Therefore, internet wholesalers usually refuse to use their ad texts as it degrades the quality of their SEO. It is also worth considering the creation of unique texts describing the categories. Do it when you have a lot of products in your store assigned to many categories.

When the client comes to you

The creation of unique content described in the previous paragraph has one more advantage. We build inbound marketing on this basis. It is a strategy of taking appropriate actions that will enable recipients to find us on their own. After finding one of our valuable texts on the Internet, the client tries to find us and make contact with us. The advantage of this method is one undeniable fact. It is more likely that advertising materials will reach people who are actually interested in them. Different techniques must be used to achieve our goals. Belong to them:

  • promotion in social media, such as LinkedIn Facebook or Tweeter;

  • running an industry blog;

  • the aforementioned content optimization for search engines (SEO, search engine optimization);

  • content marketing, i.e. creating and disseminating on the Internet unique, valuable and, above all, reliable content that may turn out to be useful for Internet users. You can use articles, webinars or podcasts for this purpose.

Remember that by publishing and disseminating valuable content optimized for search engines, we can reach a more specific audience. This gives us a better chance to build lasting relationships with them and, as a result, sell them. It is worth noting the systematic nature on which this entire process should be based. Texts should be published gradually, which has a good effect on search engine algorithms. It also helps to reach the customer in a better way. Given the time it takes to invest in such content marketing, you can recall an old Greek proverb that says patience is the key to success.

Building the company’s image through a solid identity

Advertising alone as a carrier of data about the product may not be sufficient. It is best if our potential client can identify with the unique features and values represented by our company. Therefore, in order for the consumer’s decision-making process to go according to our plan, our company must have a solid brand identity. This will indirectly affect our actual image on the market, which is the result of many factors. And this is, among other things, what copywriters do today who create brand identity. To this end, they follow a few basic rules.

  • The story should be told in such a way that it is consistent. In this way, we will avoid accusations of unreliable preparation for the topic.

  • Another aspect of good copywriting is the use of emotional persuasion that I mentioned earlier. It is known that under the influence of emotions we often make quick, ill-considered decisions.

  • Be brief, as the message is usually to be clear and simple, especially in the case of SEO content.

  • For the text to fulfill its role, it must be unique. In other words, it cannot be plagiarism or heavily based on someone else’s work. For obvious reasons, then we avoid being accused of said plagiarism. Alsowe can be positioned much higher by the algorithm of a given search engine.

  • The last, fundamental rule in copywriting is audience focus. Keeping in mind who will receive our content, adjust your marketing messages and content to the specific needs of your recipients. It means changing your mindset from “you” to “them.” Ask yourself “what solutions / services do my clients need and which can I provide?” instead of “what I sell to my customers.”

What does copywriting have to do with me at all?

Probably such a question appeared in your head while reading. I’m in a hurry to explain. Properly prepared content can result in a much better positioning of our website in search engines. This translates into the desired organic traffic, which is, after all, so important when building a customer base. With a relatively inexpensive cost, we can use a few keywords to ensure a constant influx of new internet users visiting our website. Content created for publication on a blog or other content aggregators can be used later for various purposes.

For example, in B2B, during a longer shopping path, we can follow up customers, supporting them in making decisions. Our texts can achieve a similar effect in B2C sales. There, an individual customer often makes decisions based on emotions and our content can effectively influence them. We can also use ready-made articles or blogs to answer customer questions. Then we link professional-looking content, which additionally has a positive impact on the client’s perception of our company.

Hence, building an image by creating a company’s identity is another important advantage of using the services of a professional copywriter. In the eyes of potential clients, you can become an expert in a given field. This will make them believe that they will do the right thing in choosing your offer. It is always better to entrust the writing of a substantive text to a professional author who efficiently uses the word. The elegant text created on the basis of your knowledge and experience will be able to reach the audience effectively.

Wondering how copywriting can help your business?

Contact us and let’s talk about your needs. We will help you create valuable content.

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