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At Ewita Group, we will carry out various types of orders for you: from the implementation of the store or website, through the creation and translation of content, to the organisation of transport or packaging and containers. Check out our comprehensive offer of modern business services and never waste time looking for new subcontractors.

Building online stores and adding products

We carry out comprehensive implementations of online stores (from choosing the technology, through design and tests, to commissioning) and we digitise the assortment – we introduce products to the system and help to start sales.

Creating content for the client's needs

We create descriptions of products and their categories, content for subpages for positioning. We also specialise in texts of offers or articles for a company blog that support marketing and sales.

Designing, implementing and publishing websites

We provide professional services in launching websites and designing them. We pay attention to functionality, easy operation and unique design; everything is based on the newest technologies.

Professional content translation

We organise the process of translating documents and functional texts, including content created for publication on a website or in an e-shop. We carry out the translation procedure in such a way as to maximise its quality and efficiency. The offer includes both the translation of foreign content into Polish in order to intensify the activities of companies on the Polish market, and the localization of SEO content, including meta descriptions or short URL addresses.

Designing identification for companies

In order for the company to appear in the minds of customers, identification marks such as logos and graphics are necessary. They can be used as an example on a website or as advertising materials. With our help, your company will gain an identity!

Introducing foreign companies to the Polish market

If you are an entrepreneur and plan to expand your area of activity to the Polish market, our offer may be very interesting for you. Through our standard activities, such as creating the Polish version of the website, by preparing advertising materials, running social media in Polish, ending with adapting the company to Polish legal requirements or, for example, opening a sales office in Poland. We only provide comprehensive services.

Multi-branch sale of Polish products and more

We provide sales outsourcing and support the activities of sales representatives. We use our experience to improve the sales results of products and services from various industries.

Organising international transport

We organise and supervise the transport of goods on domestic and international routes. We work with experienced forwarders serving various industries and transporting any type of cargo.

Creating high-quality advertising materials in both physical (professional, printing) and digital form

We comprehensively prepare advertising and image materials. We design and depute the printing of business cards, leaflets, posters, catalogues, banners, and other printing materials, as well as execute orders for the needs of online campaigns.

Organisation of packaging and containers in accordance with the customer's recommendations

We provide materials for packing and shipping goods. Thanks to the cooperation with a large group of distributors, we offer order fulfilltment in short time and referring to the requirements of various industries.

Making prints on clothing

Using popular methods available on the market, we make prints on clothing to satisfy the most demanding customers. Creation of own projects and implementation of patterns ordered by the client. High-quality end product.

Design and installation of monitoring systems

Following the safety of our clients, which is our priority, we design, manufacture and maintain monitoring systems in full readiness. Thanks to the use of leading technologies, we increase the sense of security. From now on, you can keep an eye on everything by using your mobile device.

Design and configuration of local computer networks

Local computer networks are essential especially in companies and offices. The process of providing the service begins with the preparation of assumptions necessary to build the network. Defining customer requirements is a key element, and then, after presenting the project and the valuation, we can move on to the installation of the network.

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