Thunderbird Mail Merge plugin

Thunderbird Mail Merge plugin

Thunderbird Mail Merge plugin

Thunderbird Mail Merge plugin is one of the most popular and downloaded addons for this email client. It enables mass correspondence of e-mails along with their personalization. On June 29, 2022 a new version of the popular e-mail client – Mozilla Thunderbird version 102 was put into use. Thanks to our specialist Michał Bąk, we had the opportunity to translate the latest Mail Merge 9.1.0 into Polish. But how did it even come about?

The beginning of cooperation

We’ve been using Mail Marge for a long time. For us, this plug is extremely important. It is used to create serial correspondence, supporting contact with customers. In the era of e-commerce, or to be more precise, m-commerce, because, as we know, mobile devices dominate the market, constant contact with the customer is extremely important. During this year, we contacted the author of this plugin, Alexander Bergmannen, about another matter, quite by accident. After helping us quickly, he asked if we would be interested in creating a Polish translation of his add-on.

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Small task – huge satisfaction

We agreed without hesitation, bearing in mind that this way we can thank the creator for such a great addition. The translation process itself took place in my spare time, as it is a non-profit project. However, we were keen to support this addition. While working on the translation, we additionally exchanged a few comments with the author. And based on these comments, the program itself was corrected. As a result of the cooperation, we had to know the perfect operation of the plugin in order to get the proper context of each of the translated elements. Thanks to this, we were able to learn a few functions of the Mail Merge add-on, about which we had no idea so far, which we consider an undoubted advantage.

Passionates for enthusiasts

However, the most important for us is to help the author of the plugin and, above all, to help the entire community of Polish-speaking users of the add-on. Perhaps thanks to our translation, someone who cannot handle English will be able to start using this powerful tool.

We are proud to be part of such a great project! You can test the fruit of our work for free and see that our services may be needed for you.

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