Visual identity of Fernflower_ceramics

Visual identity

Visual identity and social media for Fernflower_ceramics – design and implementation

Fernflower_ceramics is an art studio run by Julia, who creates ceramic ornaments with floral motifs. Her beginnings stem from pressing leaves onto paper, then onto clothing. After initial experiments, she wanted to better capture the beauty of plants, which led her to ceramics. Visual identity and social media were two elements that the artist asked us to create before the upcoming craft fairs, where she wanted to showcase her products more effectively.

We helped her work reach a wider audience. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

Client problem

The main problem was that the only place where Julia could showcase her products was her studio. The inability to share her work resulted in low brand interest, which directly affected sales volume.


Our cooperation started smoothly. We began by conducting a brief market research and identifying the target group for Fernflower_ceramics. This is an extremely important stage before starting the conceptual work. Then we moved on to preparing the visual identity. We first proposed several logo designs, from which Julia chose the most suitable one.

Visual identity - logo project

The visualizations were simple, elegant, and consistent with the theme of the handicrafts. They mainly consisted of plant motifs containing ferns or the initials of the studio name. Finally, two versions were chosen – white fern on a black background and black fern on a white background. Both versions were in a circle with the full name of the studio. The visual identity for Fernflower_ceramics was initially ready.

Visual identity - correct logo

Then we proceeded to create profiles on Facebook and Instagram. We created a graphic layout for pinned posts on Facebook and highlighted stories on Instagram, aimed at highlighting the artist’s products and other important information against the backdrop of other content. Then we used plant motifs, photos of Julia and her products, which further emphasized the specificity of the studio. We wanted to create a consistent and professional aesthetic that would reflect the style and character of the brand. During our work, we focused on using colors that matched the fern theme and fonts that were tasteful yet still legible. We also paid attention to the aesthetic values ​​that were important to our client, which allowed us to create a unique and eye-catching style.

Visual identity - post and reel design

At Julia’s request, we also created paper business cards containing links to her social media profiles. The cards were minimalist but elegant, reminiscent of the studio’s character.

Visual identity - card project

Summary, or how visual identity transformed the face of an art studio

The project took 10 days to complete. Thanks to our work, Julia gained new customers and the opportunity to expand her target group. Social media allowed her to more effectively promote her products, which was especially important before the upcoming craft fairs. Working on visual identity and social media for the Fernflower_ceramics studio was an interesting challenge for us. We managed to create a coherent image that helped Julia in her marketing activities.

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