Why I started this company?

Why I started this company

Well, why I started this company?

This question should probably be the beginning of a new series of my blogs. It’s time to catch up and talk about the reasons and circumstances of the Ewita Group creation. In this article, I will try to answer the question why I started this company and what influenced the decisions related to the selection of activities for which Ewita Group provides support.

The beginnings can be problematic

As is usually the case when it comes to ideas and activities, the beginning was quite random. Before I even started my company, my previous activity was the fishing industry. And at first glance, it has nothing to do with e-commerce. However, in today’s realities of sales, it is difficult to imagine running a specialized warehouse without taking advantage of the benefits offered by the Internet. Apart from the issues related to positioning and sufficient visibility in search engines such as Google, it is worth having your own online store. However, when starting, let’s at least create a website that will be our starting point in the minds of customers.

I can confidently say that creating even a simple website can turn out to be a very difficult task. The first website of our company was made by me. It was created around 2007 based on my HTML skills at the time. It did not reflect the representative character that I wanted to include when creating the website. Therefore, we started looking for a contractor who could create our website. Create our website at a good price while maintaining a relatively high quality of workmanship. Back then, I did not realize how difficult this search would be.

Third time lucky

I used a well-known saying in the headline because it perfectly reflects our situation at that moment. There were just so many of our approaches to creating the right website, although it turned out that it still needed further corrections.

Some time has passed and as part of the first, more professional approach, I asked my friend who took up the task. He created something more advanced than me, but it was still very unoptimized. It also did not reflect the idea of ​​a website that could represent the company. Therefore, we quickly abandoned the project. At this stage, I found that we would try to create something better with Presta together.

And this is how the second website of the company was born, based on the basic version of PrestaShop. Unfortunately, at that time, we were overwhelmed by it. So we decided to trust an external contractor who was to save the situation and solve problems that we encountered. It looked promising, but unfortunately it only got worse afterwards. I spent about half a year contacting a company that was finally unable to meet our modest requirements. Imagine a situation when you make an appointment with someone where you will discuss a predetermined topic, and then it turns out that your interlocutor comes unprepared or prepared for a completely different topic. This is not how reliable cooperation should look like. After these experiences, I decided to look for someone more experienced in the subject of creating websites.

The so-called final version

It was supposed to be all right this time. And in fact, at the beginning, cooperation with the contractor was quite smooth. The website was created and I thought there would be no more problems. However, over time, when some corrections or changes appeared, contact with the contractor gradually deteriorated. I submitted my applications, and then the developer did everything his own way. Communication problems grew to such an extent that after some time after creating the website, the contact was completely lost. I stayed with the website without any technical support.

To make matters worse, about a year after the publication of our website, another company from Poland contacted us. It turned out that our website was created on the basis of this company’s website. The contractor was lazy enough to use a large part of the code and content of that site. I will just mention that such a procedure has a devastating impact on the SEO of both websites, because the search engine does not recognize unique content then.

However I found, as it turned out during the cooperation, a proven subcontractor who undertook the work on our website. It also helped in solving the copied page problem. Then our team grew to include more back and front-end devs. And so we cooperate until today.

More ideas means more problems

When you dream of continuous development – a constant pursuit of perfection – you have to reckon with the fact that from time to time there will be smaller or bigger problems on your way. I’m not the type of person you could say likes to rest on his laurels. Therefore, the desire to make improvements from time to time led to the emergence of new problems waiting for resolution.

The first thing, right after creating an efficient website base, was to enrich the graphic design. Best with aesthetic and modern graphic elements. For this purpose, I used the help of various graphic designers. However, such cooperation often turned out to be very complicated and even impossible. Someone applied for cooperation, and then the contact broke off. However, even worse cases turned out to be artists who even started to do something there, time passed and they did not finish the assignment and contact also ceased. Work is not done and time is permanently lost.

It was similar in the case of people whom I commissioned to supplement our online store with products. Either someone else was unable to perform the assignment or was not executing the assignment as agreed. The contractor did not meet the criteria established prior to the commencement of work. While searching for the optimal solution to all my problems, I found the only sensible solution. What if I started doing everything myself? Do according to my vision as Iwant. It was then that the idea of ​​creating your own band was born – that’s…

…why I started this company.

But wait a minute. Before I started this company that would provide e-commerce support services, the vision of another, new activity within the company, in which I have worked and still work, was already materializing on the horizon. This project required me to engage similar resources and skills as when creating my previous website with an online store. You can probably notice that so far I’ve only mentioned the problems that I have encountered, without giving any solution. It is one thing to create a company. But to organize a team of trusted associates within it is a completely different matter.

And that is why this time I approached the task completely differently. I was more careful in acquiring valuable performers, who later became members of my team. This approach has many advantages. However, the greatest of them is undoubtedly full control over the entire project, its design, execution and implementation.

So the creation of our Amdoko multi-trade website has already proceeded under completely different circumstances. We have increased the efficiency of our work by automating certain activities and full control over almost the entire process. And this is the moment when I decided to start my own business and started company.

Do business calmly and leave any stress to us

Many times, during my career path, I had to deal with unnecessary stress caused by unreliable cooperation. I know very well how it can drain the valuable resources of patience and motivation for further work. The more tasks we outsource, the more contractors we have to contact, which can often cost us a lot of stress. Either someone will not complete the order as agreed, or even worse, will fail the deadline or fail to complete the task at all. There are many reasons for stress. So why consciously expose yourself to it, when you can calmly wait for the effects of work commissioned from one, well-coordinated and well-organized team?

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