You will check the competition’s offer and come back to us!

– We implement proven solutions
– We help you stand out from the competition
– We select a comprehensive offer to suit the needs of your business
– We offer cooperation with a reliable contractor on transparent terms
– We provide convenient communication channels and constant insight into current projects

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    What will happen after agreeing to send the offer?

    When you decide to cooperate with us and request a free quote, your e-mail address through which you contact us will be automatically added to our mailing list. Thanks to this, you will be up to date with all important information. In the first message we will send you, we will ask and determine the details of what interests you. On the basis of the instructions given to us, we will be able to prepare the valuation with precision and consult it with you, so that we can present you the best possible offer.

    See what benefits we have prepared for you


    Everything in one place – that makes sense

    The comprehensiveness of our services means that the customer can solve many of his problems in one place. This brings many benefits. Probably the biggest of them is the consistency of performance by choosing one subcontractor who is able to present a wide range of services to the client with a wide range of services. Because if, for example, someone reports a need to create an online store, then why couldn’t we immediately propose supplementing the product catalog, so that he gets a complete system, practically immediately ready to work?

    We approach each customer individually

    Each new cooperation with a contractor is another unique adventure for us. In the initial phase of contact, we examine the client’s needs, defining his business profile, because it is very important for us to know whether the client operates in the B2B or B2C model. If the client does not fully know what he is looking for, we try to build a concept for him based on the analysis of his situation and we offer him the most suitable variants of services. However, when he is fully aware of his needs, we try to prepare the best possible offer to meet his requirements.

    The rule of four ones, that is, above all, saving

    One of the fundamental advantages of working with us is the “four ones” principle, i.e. one order, one invoice, one payment and possibly one shipment. It seems quite obvious, but it is worth explaining why it is so important due to the decision to start cooperation with us. In general, in the case of this principle, the leading advantage is generally understood economy.

    Firstly, the time savings mentioned earlier, because by placing an order in one place, the customer minimizes the time needed to interact with a potential contractor. Order, consultations related to the service, pro-forma, proper invoice, possible shipment – all these issues are usually settled by the customer with one specialist who is well-versed in the subject and will be able to help in all matters related to the order.

    The payment process can also be an advantage of cooperation with Ewita Group. One invoice is one payment, and thus less unnecessary banking operations and, as a result, less stress, because who likes to make a lot of transfers?

    Secondly, for some, the most important – saving money. It results from the simple fact that the customer has a lot of services to choose from within one order. When several of them are for physical products, the goods must be shipped. The savings result from the possibility of packing everything as part of one shipment, which drastically reduces transport costs.

    You will always find a common language with us

    The basis of a successful purchasing process is effective communication. Thanks to cooperation with us, it takes place with one entity and multi-channel. The customer may wish, for example, to be contacted by telephone. But what if there is no possibility to conduct international talks? Here, contact by e-mail or via instant messengers, such as Messenger and Whatsapp, comes in handy. We will always find a way to effectively exchange information. The same applies to receiving newsletters and commercial materials. This can be done via e-mails or social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn or the previously mentioned Whatsapp.

    Check how easy it is to increase your competitiveness with us

    Through a comprehensive set of services, we are able to provide the client with a much shorter execution time than if he did it on his own or used the services of several different companies. It is known that contact with one entity is much easier than with several contractors at once.

    In addition, services provided in Poland are much cheaper compared to prices on Western markets, such as French or German, and in no way differ from them in terms of quality. Hence the conclusion that outsourcing services to Polish contractors simply pays off.

    Want to know more?

    If you have any questions regarding our B2B offering, feel free to ask our experts! Our team provides free consultations for small, medium, and larger businesses. A free consultation is a great opportunity to discuss any issues related to product offerings, sales strategy, or marketing!

     What questions to ask?

    What questions to ask?

    For example:

    • Which products and services are most suitable for my business?
    • How can I reduce operating costs and save more money?
    • How is delivery carried out?
    • What is the turnaround time for services?
    • How will you help me stand out among similar companies in the market?

    Who do we most frequently collaborate with?

    We have extensive industry experience, serving clients ranging from retail stores, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to fitness clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

    Who do we most frequently collaborate with?
     Who will provide answers to your questions?

    Who will provide answers to your questions?

    After placing an order for a free consultation, our office will contact you to gather more information about your needs and schedule a convenient time for a discussion with our expert. Each consultation is conducted by our in-house consultant, who utilizes their experience and knowledge.

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