Mobile commerce

Mobile commerce - the era of smartphones in e-commerce

Mobile commerce – the era of smartphones in e-commerce

Until recently, online commerce was dominated primarily by stationary devices. But the growing popularity of mobile devices and convenient access to the web mean that every year new solutions are created to meet the expectations of users.

It is nothing extraordinary for us to use social networks, applications, make purchases or pay bills using the phone. The latest data shows that nowadays as many as 70% of consumers prefer to make purchases using smartphones.

In order to meet the growing needs of customers, many companies are constantly optimizing their websites and online stores in terms of the use of mobile devices. It extends the field of e-commerce to the so-called mobile commerce (commonly referred to as m-commerce). It is a type of e-commerce where all kinds of buying and selling are done via mobile phones and tablets.

Why exactly mobile commerce?

The great convenience of users speaks for the development of this field. It is it that largely dictates the conditions for the flourishing of the online market in terms of mobile devices. The convenience of shopping and the constant access of potential customers to a smartphone prompts even the smallest companies to optimize their marketing activities. The issue of security and trust is also important. Many users are still not convinced of mobile payments. They are afraid of fraud, theft of sensitive data or losing money from a bank account. Hence, it is so important to assure consumers that they can feel completely safe when making transactions through our website or application.

What is a good mobile website?

Today, there are thousands of websites and online stores on the Internet. In order to attract the attention of potential customers and stand out from the competition, we need to take care of specific aspects that should characterize our website.


When designing or modifying a website, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it opens on many mobile devices in the right way. A responsive website easily adapts to the screen resolution of tablets or mobile phones. This makes it more pleasant to receive, more convenient to use and attracts the attention of recipients.

Mobile users constitute a huge part of consumers, therefore a properly opening website translates into higher conversion. If the site has been properly designed, visitors will stay on it for a long time.

Responsiveness of the website is one of the most important aspects. Affects how high it will be in the search results. Still, few people know about the fact that Google does not rank websites that do not have a responsive version. To improve organic traffic on the website, it is worth performing an SEO audit, optimizing for adaptation to mobile devices.

Scaling the page size

Taking into account the different sizes of screens of mobile devices, the website should adjust its size automatically. This provides convenience for users who do not need to manually resize it.


To make the website look more aesthetic, emphasis should be placed on the correct placement of the text. The content must be properly separated from each other, and the font size should automatically adjust to the screen resolution.

Functionality and efficiency

A drop-down menu is a good option. It allows you to create more space for more important content and also helps users find specific information.

While focusing on the correct operation of the website and in order to avoid more errors on the website, you should limit or completely eliminate flash content. Often, it can be a problem for the browser.

Adequate placement of ads

There is nothing more annoying than pop-ups that obscure the content you see on the page. When placing ads on your site, check where they are displayed and what size they are. This will avoid unwanted changes to the page structure and provide greater transparency.


Navigating the website must be user-friendly. Intuitiveness is especially important in the case of online stores. The quick and uncomplicated ordering process and the simplicity of navigating through the product search engine are of great importance.

Interesting solutions attract customers

One of the most interesting news that appears in mobile versions of online stores is the use of AR-augmented reality. It allows you to “try on” a product, such as glasses, jewelry or clothing, without having to buy it.

Growing advantage of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is conquering the online market thanks to its many advantages. Modern solutions increase the effectiveness of advertisements based on tracking users by mobile devices. It allows for more precise reaching the appropriate group of recipients and increasing sales. Intuitive applications and responsive mobile pages make shopping easier. Almost every transaction takes place thanks to fast and trusted payment methods.

Mobile commerce, summary

M-commerce is an area that is constantly changing, driven primarily by the growing expectations of mobile users in terms of convenience, speed and security – from daily payments and online shopping to activity on social networks.

Statistics set a dynamically growing trend, and the numbers speak for themselves. The data collected so far shows that the global number of desktop computer users is just over 2 billion. Number of people using mobile devices is almost 4 billion. Everything indicates that this trend will increase with each subsequent year. Mobile commerce undoubtedly prompts many industries on the online market to introduce more and more modern solutions in order to maintain the best possible relationship with the customer.

This article is an introduction to the next issues in the e-commerce industry. Stay up to date with us and learn from experts!

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