Introduction of companies to the Polish market

Introduction of companies to the Polish market

Introduction of companies to the Polish market, or what we can do for you

An attempt to enter a new economic arena, other than the home one, is often associated with many obligations and completing a lot of formalities. Be it civil law requirements, cultural requirements or simply a language barrier. There will always be some problems. And they will require an individual approach and a good knowledge of local customs and regulations. Thanks to my own experience, I take the introduction of companies to the Polish market very seriously. It is because I am aware of how complicated our native system is, be it tax or legal.

This is another episode of the e-commerce blog, in which I discuss our offer based on various issues. Today’s topic is dedicated primarily to foreign clients who plan to start a business in our country. It is basically a collection of several selected services we provide. They are selected in terms of optimal support for the above-mentioned recipients.

Understanding your needs is the key to success

It probably sounds a bit cliché, but the above sentence contains the whole meaning of establishing valuable cooperation. You can offer a lot of services, but when you can’t properly present them to a potential client, all the effort so far is wasted. Therefore, we always try to select the individual elements of the offer as best as possible. All this so that our recipient is convinced of the selection’s rightness of specific items that will be presented. By sending us an inquiry, after an initial conversation, we analyze the current situation of the entity. Then we try to maximally adjust our performance capabilities to the needs of the interested party. In the following paragraphs, I will list all the components that we can recommend.

Unobvious obviousness

It is no secret that the basis for the presence of any company in any market is the localization of its content in its native language. By “content” I mean everything that a local end-user can deal with, especially one who uses only his native language. Starting from the content of the website, through advertising texts, to physical carriers of content (for example, company gadgets) and ending. In order to conduct effective sales, whether stationary or in the form of e-commerce, it is important that the consumer is aware of his choice. However, what to do in a situation when he finds something that interests him, but the description of the product is incomprehensible to him? You can lose a supposed customer for this trivial reason.

How to fix it?

To prevent this unnecessary situation, it is enough to translate all the necessary resources involved in the sales process. Now one important point. It often seems that inserting the text into any translator does the whole thing. Nothing could be more wrong! Apps such as Google Translate are often unable to retain the context of the original message. This may be because in English many nouns (although not only) more accurately describe the meaning of the object. Take, for example, the word “zamek”, which has several meanings. In Polish, at first glance, it is not obvious what we mean. In turn, in the English language words such as “castle”, “lock”, or “zipper” clearly signal to us what we mean.

The recipe for all these problems is professional translation of texts. It is worth investing in a high-quality solution that can have a large impact on conversions, i.e. indirectly on sales. There is a much better chance of finalizing the transaction, when potential customer fully understands what he is currently viewing.

Present yourself as best as you can – introduction of companies to the Polish market requires it

Brand – set of elements whose role is to identify services and goods and distinguish them from competitors’ products on the market. Of course, thus generating economic benefits. These may include names, terms, signs, symbols, logos and graphic designs.

I started this paragraph with this definition for a reason. Realizing how important identification is, including visual identification, is one of the foundations of the winding road to success. We, as a service provider, can make individual components listed in the formula above. However, in the context of foreign businesses, we focus more on adapting the existing ones to Polish conditions. Again, the topic of correct translation of content returns here. When creating advertising materials, in order to reach a wider audience, they should be understandable to them. I don’t take into account here, for example, brand slogans, such as “Just do it” from Nike. These are universal passwords that do not require translation, allowing you to immediately identify a specific brand. We prepare content and adapt existing ones so that they are identical for our market.

When establishing this company, I assumed that the comprehensiveness of services is an undeniable added value for the client. This is mainly due to the large saving of time, and thus money, because as you know, time is money. You can order from us both the preparation of content in digital and physical form. Please imagine the following situation. We translate your content for you. Do you have an interesting design of advertising clothing? Maybe you would like to make prints on clothes right away? This is no problem with us. Due to the complexity of our offer, we are able to meet the various requirements of customers.

Social media and why it is worth paying more attention to them

Very often on the Internet I encounter such a phenomenon that often large, well-developed companies whose online promotion could be crucial in my opinion, either do not have an account on any platform at all, or it is terribly neglected. Low regularity of posts, outdated information in the description (horror of horrors!), insufficient response rate – these are just some of the many problems faced by fanpages in social media. It’s a bit like hanging an interesting piece of information on a bulletin board with our contact number attached, then turning off the phone and putting it in a drawer. Or worse, give the wrong number The situation seems to be unfavorable from all sides. The customer has poor chances to contact us, and due to unreliable data, he is unable to deduce anything more. We, on the other hand, are losing potential sales opportunities.

If a company has a problem with running social media in its own country, I think it will not be better in the case of content localization in foreign languages. In our e-commerce support offer, we propose to deal with this problem. We offer a comprehensive solution: profile management in Polish and additionally configuration and monitoring of Facebook Ads campaigns. There are many advantages to dealing with these issues professionally. First of all, and probably the most important – high quality customer service. Secondly, a significant increase in our reach in the awareness of network users through effectively implemented advertising.

Dura lex, sed lex

Compliance with the legal standards in force in a given country is undoubtedly the most important thing. I don’t think I need to explain that. Poland is no exception here. The complexities of the tax system and constantly changing regulations do not make life easier. Polish market is a very good place to invest and we are still a developing country. And due to this fact that it is worth making the effort. I have been running my own business for several years, thanks to which all the necessary, acquired experience, which I am still gaining, allowed me to offer help to others in implementing my own interests in the reality in which I had to work.

We adapt our offer depending on whether you want to set up a branch of your company directly or LLC. It is worth explaining the differences between these two possibilities here. The economic activity of a branch covers only the activity that a foreign entrepreneur conducts in the country of his registration. This is quite a significant limitation compared to the establishment of a new limited liability company. This is due to the fact that the activity of such a company may be carried out for any legally permissible purpose.

When setting up a foreign branch in Poland, a number of obligations must be fulfilled. The most important ones include having a registered office and an entry in the National Court Register. You should also remember to appoint a branch representative, obtain a NIP and VAT number. However, the VAT number only in the case of performing services subject to this tax. With this knowledge and our help, the introduction of companies to the Polish market goes smoothly and without major problems.

Present yourself and check the possibilities

One of the best opportunities to check whether entering Poland is profitable and what interest your products or services will arouse are trade fairs. It is an opportunity to present your company in our backyard. What our company does, what it offers and what reactions it evokes among potential contractors. By providing only comprehensive support for companies, we help organize visits to such events. It is worth using this form of presentation. I am able to provide more details on the organization of such a visit after analyzing a specific case.

Trust us and leave the introduction of companies to the Polish market to professionals

In this text, I tried to present how we can support foreign enterprises in starting a business in our country. The elements listed therein combined together are the optimal solution for the vast majority of cases. It is worth using the help of experienced specialists and entrusting them. Especially with the task of dealing with the complexities of setting up a business in Poland.


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