Company identity

company identity

Company identity

Nowadays, one of the pillars of a company’s commercial success on the market is the ability to appear in the minds of customers. If this knowledge can be additionally consolidated, there is a possibility that they will more or less consciously identify with the brand. Thanks to this, it will directly translate into an increase in sales. However, in order to achieve the effect described in the previous sentence, you should first take care of the most important thing, which is company identity.

For most people the Internet has become the main place where they make purchases. The phenomenon of e-commerce, or recently more and more popular m-commerce, is a sign of our times. Because who hasn’t heard, for example, from Amazon or Ebay? Consumers often make their choices emotionally, without thinking. However, in order for the customer to pay attention to our product, we must catch his attention with something. Well, unless the value of our brand is sufficiently engraved in his consciousness that he will make an easy choice.

I invite you to read this article. You will learn from it why company identity is so important and what it consists of. In addition, I will present how we can help you improve your image both in virtual and physical space.

What does brand power mean nowadays?

If such a question has ever occurred to you, just mention the prices of Apple products. Consumers are willing to pay, e.g. for the characteristic logo of a bitten apple on his equipment. Apart from the obvious aspects of the high quality of the products mentioned, because it cannot be denied, it is the desire to have something fashionable, prestigious and, above all, expensive that makes people willing to pay often greatly inflated amounts just to be part of an exclusive group of consumers who they can be proud of having something unique.

The example of Apple perfectly illustrates this phenomenon. Consumers are willing to pay more for equipment that often has similar or lesser capabilities than competitor brands sold at a much lower price. This is how magic works, i.e. company identity, which consists mainly of visual aspects. It boils down to the simplest mechanism – a customer, seeing a logo or any element associated with a company that inspires his trust, based only on this information, under the influence of emotion, can make a spontaneous purchase. This is a situation that probably all sellers would like. However, before you can reach this level of brand development, you need to start with the basics.

A coherent image of the company, i.e. what the identity for companies consists of

Its reputation has an undeniable impact on the brand image. Honesty, reliability, credibility of the company, positive opinions about its products and services are components of its reputation. They allow, maintained for a sufficiently long time, to positively influence all the company’s activities in the future. This is exactly the same mechanism that I described earlier. The customer, seeing a good brand, is able to make a spontaneous purchase decision. It is worth noting that maintaining a reputation is not easy, especially omitting such an important element as creating a consistent and good visual identity of the company, which consists primarily of the logo, colors and typeface.

In addition, you can also mention, for example, packaging, styling of usable areas or work uniforms of employees. The last group will be elements directly related to the use of the company logo. I mean press materials, information boards, stationery, notebooks, business cards and all kinds of advertising gadgets. These include pens, employee and visitor badges, lanyards and, for example, lighters.

The main elements of visual identity step by step

The logo, being a graphic sign, enables flawless identity of a given brand. It usually consists of some symbol, graphic element or simply the name of the company, written in a characteristic way. Its task is to permanently connect in the consumer’s mind with the name of the company and its products. As well as emotional and evaluative factors. It is supposed to refer to our attitude towards the brand, the general one, developed on the basis of observation of the current fashion or based on a common reputation. And also the personal one, resulting from our experiences related to the brand. The logo should be legible and simple, so that all consumers immediately understand the symbolism.

The colors are usually directly related to the colors used in the logo, which become dominant in all fields of the company’s activity. In order for the shades of the logotype to be reflected in the entire visual identity of the brand, it should be limited to 2 or 3 colors at most, otherwise it will be difficult to create a clear reference. This can be easily explained on the basis of several store chains in Poland. Currently, when we see green elements of the store’s external design from afar, Żabka comes to mind. And what if we see a combination of yellow, red and blue? It must be Lidl.

The last, main element of visual identity is the typeface, which can carry a powerful emotional charge. Everyone surely knows the logo of Solidarność and the Solidaryca font, which has been associated with a specific message since the fight for freedom. Another excellent example is the Fraktur font, i.e. a manual, calligraphed Latin alphabet, which is one of the versions of the Gothic script. Used by the Third Reich during World War II.

Company identity – what we can do for you

I would like to present what we can do to help you improve the image of your company. If you have familiarized yourself with our offer, you surely know that we operate comprehensively. With us, identity for companies is associated with a number of other services that complement each other.

And what exactly do we do?

As the main element of support in this area, we offer logo design and this is where you should start. This applies to both companies that are just starting their operations and those that want to refresh their image. After all, the logos of the largest brands on the market have evolved over the past decades. The main trend is the maximum simplification of graphic symbols, so that the message reaches the recipient even more easily. The second way to change is to remove company names. But only companies with the strongest brand can afford such a bold move.

After consultation, we present several options. After choosing a specific logo, we can start more advanced work. It will culminate in the design and creation of a website. The way from the particular to the general.

However, if you have a logo and, additionally, a website, we can always prepare advertising materials for you. Both in physical and digital form. Our offer includes the design and production of business cards, leaflets, posters, catalogues, banners and other printing materials.

In addition, we can list all kinds of advertising materials such as lanyards or clothing with a personalized print. In addition, we carry out orders for online campaigns while maintaining all the rules of a consistent image. Do you want to run an advertising campaign on Facebook and your brand colors are based on shades of blue? No problem, leave it to us. We will definitely come up with something and present you with solutions. In addition, we help to design, implement and control Facebook Ads advertising processes, for which various graphics and banners will be needed. We can conduct A/B tests to check the effectiveness of the solutions used.

Trust the pros

In conclusion, you should consider the benefits for an entrepreneur who wants to use techniques such as branding. First of all, it is worth entrusting the creation of its elements to professionals. If we look at the examples of creativity of the owners of Polish companies, we will notice a certain repetition. The ubiquitous fashion for naked women smiling from banners, able to advertise literally anything, or badly designed advertising graphics. These are the problems of today’s Polish streets. We are bombarded with more or less successful advertisements at every step.

Once we deal with creating brand elements, we should effectively implement them into the everyday life of our company. Care for the consistency of the message is crucial. And he is one of the guarantees of the company’s marketing success. We can help you with that.

I hope that this article has brought you a little closer to the phenomenon of company identity. And more importantly, why is it worth spending time and money on it. I think you already know how my colleagues and I can help you deal with this problem.

Do you need to create individual elements of identification from scratch or maybe you want to improve or enrich the existing ones?

Cooperation with us is your ready-made solution!

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