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Adding products to an online store on the example of the Amdoko warehouse Adding products to your online store is a key element of building sales. It is of great importance to the success of the store. This process requires special attention and diligence, because incorrect introduction of goods can lead to negative effects. Among [...]
Building social media Over the last decade, social media has become an integral part of our lives, making building social media an important service today. From simple platforms for sharing photos and videos to complex social networks, our engagement with these tools has increased at a pace that seemed impossible just a few years ago. And although [...]
Company identity Nowadays, one of the pillars of a company's commercial success on the market is the ability to appear in the minds of customers. If this knowledge can be additionally consolidated, there is a possibility that they will more or less consciously identify with the brand. Thanks to this, it will directly translate into an increase [...]

Introduction of companies to the Polish market, or what we can do for you An attempt to enter a new economic arena, other than the home one, is often associated with many obligations and completing a lot of formalities. Be it civil law requirements, cultural requirements or simply a language barrier. There will always be […]

Well, why I started this company? This question should probably be the beginning of a new series of my blogs. It's time to catch up and talk about the reasons and circumstances of the Ewita Group creation. In this article, I will try to answer the question why I started this company and what influenced the decisions related to [...]
A new series of blogs I would like to invite you to a new series of blogs, in which I will present the advantages of the activities included in our offer and how our services can be useful for you. In the first episode, I will present copywriting as a powerful tool for creating your own brand identity. Thus appearing in [...]
Mobile commerce - the era of smartphones in e-commerce Until recently, online commerce was dominated primarily by stationary devices. But the growing popularity of mobile devices and convenient access to the web mean that every year new solutions are created to meet the expectations of users. It is nothing extraordinary for us to use social [...]
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